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Solar | Ai Lati - Zafferano

Solar | Ai Lati - Zafferano

Wall and floor lamps in dark grey painted die-cast aluminium, with a polycarbonate diffusor.
The high IP rating (IP54 and IP65) makes the lamps ideal for indoor and outdoor use. The lamps are fitted with a solar panel that auto-charges the battery and a dusk sensor (this product has no connection for the electrical mains as it is auto-powered).

Colour: Dark grey

LD0400 - H4.6cm x 19cm x 14cm | Wall

LD0402 - H65cm x 16.5cm x 14cm | Floor

LD0404 - H3.7/15cm x 14cm x 14cm | Floor

Replaceable battery

Dusk and motion sensors




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