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Louisa Michael Interior Architects is a studio that is renowned for its highly personalized approach to client projects, offering bespoke services from concept to delivery. With a focus on luxury residential interiors, the practice’s select projects stand out for their high-end finishes and attention to detail as well as their unique and powerful design concepts.


Louisa Michael and her team of expert associates aim to create highly desirable spaces that exude sophistication and refinement, always reflecting their clients’ personality or brand. Through careful consultation and understanding of each clients’ individual needs, the practice uses practical sensibilities and thoughtful creativity to turn their clients’ vision into a reality, one that enhances the human experience by giving equal importance to quality as well as to comfort and practicality. 

With a passion and an eye for beauty, the practice draws on all elements of design, factoring in colors, forms, lines, shapes, and textures, as well as the environment, sustainability and economics, to create spaces that are as enduring as they are beautiful. Ultimately, the philosophy is to create empathetic and cohesive spaces that evoke emotions, and where the levels of charm and comfort outweigh the instant gratification of the merely new. 

Louisa graduated from De Montfort University in Leicester, UK, with a Master’s Degree in Architectural Design and a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design, and today has completed a number of design projects throughout Cyprus and UK.


Driven by her passion for creating spaces that resonate with her clients, Louisa is a firm believer in the way in which good design has the power to transform the way people think, feel and behave within a space. 


With a desire to innovate and meet challenges head on, Louisa enjoys every aspect of the creative transformation journey. From meeting clients and uncovering their uniqueness in the early stages of concept design, to the implementation process and the final, practical realization, Louisa finds a joy in each of these phases and the way in which they come together to form the completed project. 

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